Brewery Taproom

Private Events

Contact us if you’re interested in having a private event in the brewery

The Taproom

  • 11 Taps,
  • Group Tables (up to 10)
  • Seating for 30 inside
  • Bottled Beer, Non-alcohol Drinks, Wine
  • Beer To-Go
  • Food Options – BYO or Order & Eat Here 
  • – Local Food Partners
  • – Picnic is Permitted (please clean up after yourself)
  • Parking Onsite
  • 7 minutes walk from Jona, SBB Train Station


The Brewery

  • 390 Square Meters
  • 1,000 Liters Batch Brew Kettle Capacity 
  • 19,000 Liters Fermentation/Lager Tank Capacity
  • Packaging, Filling, Labeling Rate: 1,500 Bottles per Hour
  • 150,000 Liters Annual Capacity 


🪩The Story of Our Disco Ball

🍺 And How It Found Its Way to the Bier Factory

💡There once were five cousins who wanted to organize their own little festival, the Openair Hutzeln. Since disco balls are an essential part of festivals, and the budget was small, we decided to make one ourselves.

🤝 Of course, we didn’t have any plan how to start the disco ball project, we prioritized settling the beverage question and visited the tap room of the Bier Factory on a Thursday evening. There, we outlined our ideas and plans to the Bier Factory team. They were as enthusiastic as we were and instantly offered to babysit the disco ball once the festival was over. Now, that was a motivation boost!

💿First, we asked around for old CDs and were able to collect around 400 of them. We then arduously cut them up into small pieces, ordered ten kilograms of joint compound, and bought a couple blocks of expanded polystyrene (EPS). With a vague idea of the end product in mind, we set to work.

⏳ With time running out, we got help from our families. After around 17 hours of work (spread over several days and people), we finally glued the last CD splitter onto the ball. Our disco ball was born.

✨ To have the right lighting, we ordered two special spotlights, and for the disco ball to rotate, we turned the motor of a suckling pig grill into a disco ball motor. In the middle of the night before the festival, we hung up the disco ball for the first time and were fascinated by the dancing dots all over the floor. Throughout the festival, the disco ball was the sparkling center of our dance floor and got lots of admiring looks.

🫶 As agreed, we packed the disco ball into a big van after the festival and brought it to the Bier Factory, where it now gets the attention it deserves. The fascination for mirror balls has not gone away ever since, and we’re happy to be able to visit our disco ball and revive the festival moments with friends and a couple of beers.