For many years, the Swiss beer market has been dominated by boring industrial lager beer. Interesting, great tasting beer has been difficult to find. We are a small craft brewery. We produce high quality, great tasting beer. Through innovation and the use of the highest quality ingredients, we make wonderfully tasty beer. Beer with body and soul.¬†Our goal isn’t to be the biggest brewery in the country. It’s to be the best.

Employees: 4

Annual Production: 700 hl

Inspiration:¬†American craft beer styles: IPA, Pale Ale, Stouts, etc. We desire innovation. We are always inspired to be creative. For example, we’ve been known to make some pretty great ginger beers, a chocolate porter which would blow your mind, and our latest creation, a beer which was developed to drink with cheese meals! Most important: taste!

As a side project, for many years, we’ve operated swiss-beer-abo in order to aid small breweries to get their beer out into the world. Each abo features a small Swiss craft brewery. Customers who sign up get a 6-pack delivered to their door. This beer is almost impossible to find. Hopefully, in the future, that will change as more people demand great craft beer.


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