Tasting Boxes

Need a little help selecting your beers?

Choose one of our pre-selected boxes of 24 x 33cl bottles of beer to experience a variety of great craft beer. Not only will you benefit from simple choices, we’re including a discount for a limited time only.

Box 1: Dry-Hopped Beers
Box 2: Light & Easy Beers
Box 3: Darker & Spiced Beers

Descriptions of box contents are below.

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Note: Beers selected for boxes will change according to the season and what we have to offer. Please confirm the offer details BEFORE placing your order. All bottles are 33cl one-way unless otherwise noted.

Box 1: Dry-Hopped Beers

Love hops and all the beautiful aromas and bitterness they add to your beer? This one is for you. We have taken a mix of dry-hopped beers to provide you with just the right hoppy experience. Beginning with our best selling Wanderlust Swiss Pale Ale all the way up to the infamous Atemlos, Double IPA.

4 x Wanderlust Swiss Pale Ale, 4.8% Alc. Vol
6 x O.H. IPA, 6.5% Alc. Vol
4 x Mike’s Juicy IPA 1.0, 7.7% Alc. Vol
6 x Mike’s Juicy IPA 2.0, 6.9% Alc. Vol
4 x Atemlos Double IPA, 9.0% Alc. Vol



The beers in Box 2 are simply easy to drink: not too bitter, not too crazy, refreshing and crushable. Cheers!

6 x Lucky Lager, 4.4% Alc. Vol
6 x Stallspatz Special Hell, 5.2% Alc. Vol
6 x Flower Power Hibiscus Lager, 4.3% Alc. Vol
6 x Dorftrottel Weizen, 4.8% Alc. Vol



Need a winter warmer? Check out what we have in Box 3! Sip yourself into pure blissfulness.

6 x Blackbier Dry Stout, 5.0% Alc. Vol
6 x Stallfuchs Red Ale, 5.0% Alc. Vol
6 x Rechaud Spiced Ale, 5.4% Alc. Vol
6 x Happy Jack Imperial Pumpkin Spice Ale, 8.0% Alc. Vol