Let’s talk about your beer future.

You need a great beer solution for your bar, restaurant or retail shop. 

We will find a simple solution for you which includes delivery directly to your business. 

Size doesn’t matter. Small order? Big Order? We will find a solution to meet your needs. 

As your business grows and you start seeing the benefits of selling craft beer from the Bier Factory, you’ll soon need more beer.

Volume discounts and preferred pricing available for distributors, retailers and restaurants. The more you order, the more you save.

1st time orders require pre-payment. Once we have a working relationship, then you will have 30 days to pay your bills. 

Contact us for pricing. 

20-Liter Kegs

bier factory 20 liter keg


We fill our 20-liter kegs when you order them. They have a standard fitting which works on normal Swiss tap dispensing systems.

20-Liter Keg
Cornelius Fitting
Keg Deposit CHF 50 

33cl Bottles

Wanderlust Swiss Pale Ale 33cl

33cl Recyclable Glass Bottle
24 Bottles in Each Box
No Deposit

The advantage to this system is that you can recycle the whole packaging locally. No need to store nasty, dirty bottles and crates. Free your mind and space!

Bier Factory 24-Pack

one more thing…

We also offer beer various promotional material.
What does that mean? It usually includes beer coasters and maybe even glasses for large accounts. Talk with us and we’ll find something to help you sell more craft beer. Win-Win!


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